Cape Fear Mountain Bike Trail

The Cape Fear Mountain Bike Trail is a relatively new feature of the Cape Fear River Trail (CFRT)/Clark Park area, located approximately one mile north up the CFRT from the Park.

After crossing Eastwood Avenue, you will see trailhead signs on the right not far from the train tracks and power easement. This area is a more technical ride near the river. Surfaces in this area can be slippery after a rainstorm. The trail then crosses over the CFRT on a more winding and flat path. This section is better for beginners but can deliver a satisfying ride for all.

The Cape Fear Mountain Bike Trail is the result of Fayetteville Cumberland Parks and Recreation (FCPR) gaining support through various volunteer groups, individuals and a partnership with The Bicycle Shop.

The current portion of the trail is only the beginning. FCPR’s goal is to stimulate the interest of users and get assistance in adding more mileage. The trail currently has nearly 3 miles with future potential for close to 10.

If you are interested in volunteering for trail expansion and maintenance, leave your contact information with a park ranger.


  • RIDERS MUST WEAR HELMETS. It is very common to take a tumble on an off road course and safety is key to preventing injury. There are tight turns and constantly changing conditions which require vigilance and  constant attention.
  • Take caution at any intersection. Mountain bikers will need to yield to CFRT users.
  • Avoid riding immediately after it rains, for safety, and to allow the trail to dry to prevent trail erosion.
  • Maintain speeds that allow you to yield to pedestrians and that are within your abilities.