Weather Cancellations


All athletic activities conducted on Fayetteville – Cumberland Parks and Recreation facilities or any of its affiliated facilities or programs will follow the lightning policy as written below.

1. It shall be the responsibility of the umpire to suspend the game once lightning or thunder is noticed. 
2. However, if in the opinion of the field supervisor and/or center staff the umpire is not using good judgment they have the authority and the responsibility to suspend the game and clear the area.  
3. Once lightning or thunder is noticed the game shall stop immediately and the area cleared.  
4. The activity shall be suspended immediately for 30 minutes.  
5. This delay will only be allowed if safe cover for all of the participants and players is available 
6. Once the game has reached the 30 minute delay time limit the field supervisor and the umpires shall confer   to make a decision to continue the game or to cancel the remainder of the game.  If the 1st game of the day is cancelled, all remaining games for that site will also be cancelled.
7. Under no circumstances will players be allowed to remain in the dugout during this delay.
8. All participants must have a safe and protected area available for their use.
9. Examples of safe and protected areas include permanent enclosed structures and automobiles.
10. If one participant does not have a safe and protected area available for their use the event is to be                 cancelled.  
11. If a permanent site does not exist automobiles may be used.  
12. Staff is reminded to not let pressure from the coaches influence judgment.  
13. Safety First.  A game can always be rescheduled. 

National Weather Service Lightning Safety

In case of inclement weather, cancellations will be announced using the following media:

  1. Inclement weather hotline: 910-306-7325
  2. Facebook ( 
  3. Twitter (

If no cancellation is listed, teams should report to the field.