Pine Forest Recreation Center

6901 Ramsey Street, (910) 433-1196
Hours: Mon.-Fri.1-9 pm, Sat. 9 am-5 pm, Sun. 2-5 pm



Youth Open Play

The gym is open for youth weeknights, except during recreation center athletic programs and practices. Parents may come and play with their child. Beginning April 1 with a permission form on file.
9-17 yrs; Sat.; 10 am-1 pm; Free

Fitness Room

Work up a sweat in our weight room. Cardio and weight equipment are provided. There is no membership or payment required, but a waiver form must be on file at the center to participate.
18+; 13-17 yrs with a parent/guardian; Mon.-Fri.; 1-9 pm; Sat.; 9 am-5 pm; Sun.; 2-5 pm; Free

Cooking Class

TIME TO COOK!!  Come join us for our new cooking class. This class will be learning beginning cooking skills.  We can't wait to see what you can create, and we hope you'll share.
8-13; Mon.; 6-7 pm; $10/class

Kathy Pate’s Step, Core & More

Come and join us in a basic to intermediate step class with low and high impact moves. We also have a mix of floor aerobics, toning, strength training, and abs. All equipment provided. First class is free.
13+; Mon., Wed. and Thurs.; 5:30-6:30 pm; $25/month, $15/month for seniors (55+) and students or $35/family

KidCreate Studio

KidCreate is bringing the studio to us!!  They will offer different art classes for children to unleash their creativity.  Classes range from painting to pottery and even SLIME!!  Please dress appropriately we may get messy.  Contact the Pine Forest Recreation Center for class information. 
5-12 yrs; Mon.; 6-7 pm; $13/class

Line Dancing

Come join our Line Dancing Lessons to learn simple steps so you can join in at parties and weddings. It's a fun way to exercise and burn some extra calories. 
18+; Tues.; 7-8 pm; Free

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Meet new people during this martial arts class that teaches: self-discipline, mental toughness, self confidence, and sharper focus.  This class can also aide in weight loss.  
10+; Mon. and Wed.; 7-9 pm; $45/month

Tang Soo Do Karate and Self Defense

Tang Soo Do Karate enhances your awareness and well-being. The combat academy of Tan Soo Do offers Kata and forms, board breaking, fighting, and tournaments. These family oriented classes teach self-defense, men’s weight loss, women’s muscle toning, and physical fitness along with discipline that will last you a life time. Beginners, intermediate and advanced martial arts students train together. Ask about our family saving and discounts.
All ages; Tues. and Thurs.; 6-7:30 pm; $7/class or $40/month

Zumba Toning Class

Do you want to work out and forget that you’re working out? Zumba’s the way to go! Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International dance combine with fitness. No dance experience needed. You can burn up to 900 calories per class. The first class is FREE. All children up to 15 yrs are FREE.
16+; Sat.; 9:30-10:30 am; $25/month or $7/class


Fall Carnival / Trunk or Treat

This year we will be partnering with College Lakes Recreation Center for our annual fall carnival. Bring out your entire family for a fun-filled evening. There will be games for the whole family to participate, as well as bounces houses and trunk-or-treat! Location will be at College Lakes Recreation Center.
All ages; Fri., Oct. 25; 6:30-8:30 pm; Free

Soccer Glo Tournament

We are glowing with excitement over this exciting program. Healthy Kid Dynamics will be kicking off their new programs with this Glo Tournament. We will be playing short 15-20 minutes rounds of soccer in the dark lit up with a Glo ball and some Glow sticks. 
7-14 yrs; Fri., Oct. 25; 7-10 pm; $5/player

Nerf Night

We are excited to present Nerf Night! We will have multiple games that kids will enjoy with obstacles barricades and more! We look forward to seeing you and bring a lot of energy.  Please pre-register by Monday, Nov. 18.
7+; Sat., Nov. 23; 2-4:30 pm; $5/child

3V3 Basketball Tournament

Come out and compete in our 3V3 Basketball Tournament.  Contact us and register your team today if you think you and your team will have a chance to win it all! Please pre-register by Monday, Dec. 9.
10-15 yrs; Sat., Dec. 14; noon-4:30 pm; $15/team

Christmas Drop

Parents are you looking for time to do that last minute Christmas shopping?  We will be partnering with College Lake Recreation Center and participants will get to create a tree ornament and decorate Christmas cookies while enjoying a Christmas movie. Location will be at College Lakes Recreation Center. 
7+; Fri.; Dec. 20; 6-8:45 pm; $5/person

Valentine’s Creations

Come out and create handmade cards and trinkets for your Valentine this year. Use our supplies or bring your own to create something nice for your Valentine. You must pre-register by Feb. 3.
5-12 yrs; Sat., Feb. 8; noon-2 pm; Free