Mazarick Park

1400 Belvedere Avenue, (910) 433-1575

Park Hours: Mazarick One 8 am-10 pm | Mazarick Two 8 am-Dusk 



Mazarick Park is a multi-purpose park featuring a Disc Golf Course, picnic shelters, a playground and trails. A tennis court and a baseball field are available for a quick game. Picnic areas are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis unless they are reserved. The Glenville Lake Pier is open for fishing; you must abide by state fishing license requirements. For more information on shelter rentals, call 433-1547. 

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Educational Group Field Trips and Outreach Programs

Contact Clark Park Nature Center or Lake Rim Park

Scout Outdoor Activities Badge Programs

Contact Clark Park Nature Center or Lake Rim Park


All programs will meet at the Mazarick Building on side 2 unless otherwise noted. You must pre-register for all programs by calling Clark Park at 910-433-1579. Register early; space is limited in most classes. If enrollment is low the class will be cancelled. Please contact the park office if you would like to receive a copy of our monthly newsletter with updated program information or follow us on Facebook at

Homeschool Discovery Series

These programs are designed with homeschoolers in mind to help supplement their curriculum. Call to register, space is limited. Class meets at the Mazarick building.
All ages; Held Thursdays except Dec. 11.; 10-11:30 am; Free
Dec. 11: Sculptured Science-Have fun learning about polymers while using them to create ornaments.
Jan. 9: Mammals and Their Skulls-Discuss the different species in our area and get hands on experience identifying mammals by their skulls.
Feb. 6: Composting-Find out how worms help the soil, discuss types of composting, and make a mini compost bin to use at home.

Winter Nature Series: Under the Sea

Discover life under the ocean in this series of educational programs. Great for homeschoolers and the general public. More suitable for ages 5 and older but younger siblings are welcome. Call to register. Class meets at the Mazarick Building.
5+; Thurs.; 3:30-4:30 pm; Free
Dec. 12: Santa Claws: Crabs, Lobsters, and Shrimp- These familiar animals are more than just menu items at a seafood restaurant. Learn about these fascinating, clawed invertebrates and their importance to other marine life.
Jan. 16: Beyond Jaws: Sharks and Rays- Among the most feared and misunderstood groups of animals on the planet, sharks have lived on earth since long before the dinosaurs. Dispel the myths and learn the facts about sharks and rays. Learn why the ocean’s top predator is in trouble and find out what can be done to help.
Feb. 13: Beaks, Tentacles, and Suckers, Oh My: The Cephalopods-This group of animals includes the smartest and largest invertebrates alive today. Find out how octopuses, squid, cuttlefish, and nautiluses use their beaks, tentacles, and suckers to survive.

Chilly Experiments 

Have fun with science through hands-on experiments that use ice and water. Call to register. Class meets at the Mazarick building.
All ages; Tues., Jan. 7; 1-2 pm; Free