Mazarick Park

1400 Belvedere Avenue, (910) 433-1575
Park Hours: Mazarick One 8 am-10 pm | Mazarick Two 8 am-Dusk 


Mazarick Park is a multi-purpose park featuring a Disc Golf Course, picnic shelters, a playground and trails. A tennis court and a baseball field are available for a quick game. Picnic areas are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis unless they are reserved. The Glenville Lake Pier is open for fishing; you must abide by state fishing license requirements. For more information on shelter rentals, call 433-1547. 



Educational Group Field Trips and Outreach Programs

Contact Clark Park Nature Center or Lake Rim Park

Scout Outdoor Activities Badge Programs

Contact Clark Park Nature Center or Lake Rim Park


All programs will meet at the Mazarick Building on side 2 unless otherwise noted. You must pre-register for all programs by calling Clark Park at 910-433-1579. Register early; space is limited in most classes. If enrollment is low the class will be cancelled. Please contact the park office if you would like to receive a copy of our monthly newsletter with updated program information or follow us on Facebook at

Weird Skies: Strange Atmospheric Phenomena 

Most people have seen a rainbow at some point in their life, but how about a moonbow? There are many strange and rarely observed phenomena that occur in the Earth’s atmosphere. Moondogs, sundogs, steam devils, holies, subsuns, arcs, halos, sprites, jets and other unusual, but perfectly natural occurrences will be shown and discussed. Call to register. Meet at the Mazarick building.
All ages; Tues., Aug. 7; 3-4 pm; Free

Shelter Building

Participants will break into teams and venture into the woods to build a shelter out of natural materials. Afterwards the teams will battle it out with water guns to see which shelter provides the best protection. Call to register, space is limited. Meet at the Mazarick building.
Ages 8+; Wed., Aug. 15; 2-3:30 pm; Free

Atlatl Throwing

Learn the history of this hunting tool and the advantages it had over spears. After instruction on proper usage, participants will attempt to throw darts using the atlatl and enjoy competitions and games that will test everyone’s skills. Call 910-433-1579 to register, space is limited.
Ages 8+; Sat., Aug. 25; 10 am-noon; $5/person

Homeschool Discovery Series

These programs are designed with homeschoolers in mind to help supplement their curriculum. Call to register, space is limited.
Sept. 13: Shelter Building; Oct. 11: Reptiles; Nov. 8: Fall Leaf ID; Dec. 13: All About Weather; Jan. 3: Winter Bird ID; Feb. 7: All About Seeds
All ages; Thurs.; 10-11:30 am; Free

Nighttime Explorations 

A discussion about creatures of the night such as coyotes, frogs, crickets, and owls will be followed by an interactive hike to explore the woods and to look for constellations in the night sky. Call to register.
6+; Tues., Nov. 13; 5-6:30 pm; Free

Native American Culture

Pottery and stone tools are just a few of the clues left behind by North Carolina’s earliest inhabitants. Learn about the fascinating lives of Native Americans in our state before European contact. Explore how they made tools, prepared food, made clothes, and other aspects of their lives. Call to register.
All ages; Thurs., Nov. 29; 3:30-4:30 pm; Free

Winter Nature Series

A variety of nature topics will be discussed by a park ranger throughout the winter months. Call to register. More suitable for ages 5 and older but younger siblings are welcome.
Dec. 27: Rocks and Minerals; Jan. 31: NC’s Endangered Species; Feb. 14: Parasites; Feb. 28: Fossils
5+; Thurs.; 3:30-4:30 pm; Free

Snakes Alive

Finally, you can stop wondering if a snake is venomous or not. Discover identifiable characteristics and traits that snakes have and even interact with a live snake. Call to register. 
All ages; Fri., Jan. 4; 2-3 pm; Free