Lake Rim Recreation Center

1455 Hoke Loop Road, (910) 433-1175
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 1-9 pm, Sat. 9 am-5 pm, Sun. 2-5 pm



Open Gym Basketball and Volleyball

Open Gym is available for youth ages 5-17 years old, with the exception of recreation scheduled programs and practices. Basketball is for ages 5-17; participants must have current Open Play form on file. Children ages 12 and under, must be accompanied by an adult. Open Gym Volleyball has the same rules that apply to Open Play Basketball. Open Gym Basketball time varies upon gym availability on Sat.
5-17; 2-5 pm; Free
Open Gym Volleyball: 1st and 3rd  Sat. and Sun. 
Open Gym Basketball:  2nd and 4th Sat. and Sun.

Family Gym Time

Enjoy some gym time as a family. This time has been designated to give families time together.  Child/Children must be accompanied by parent/guardian.
13-under yrs; Sat.; 11:30-1 pm; Free

Walking Track

Enjoy a walk or jog around our outdoor track each day until dusk. Four laps around the track equals one mile, so come on over and get fit!
All ages; Free

New Life Senior Club

Do you live in the West Fayetteville area and are 55 or older? Then check out this brand new senior club and community! Club meets the third Friday of every month.
55+; 3rd Fri. of each month; 10 am; Free

Lake Rim Homeschool Group

This group features weekly meetings to support local homeschoolers. Each week, participating parent volunteers lead and assist activities and classes for all ages. Cost is free to join the group, however, some classes may include a supplies fee. Please contact the recreation center for additional details. Interested participants may also email for additional information.
All Ages; Wed. and Fri.; 10 am-noon; Free

Tang Soo Do

Build strength, self-esteem and confidence in a structured setting while gaining the knowledge to defend yourself with techniques from this traditional martial art. Students will earn belts as they advance in rank.
5+; Tues. and Thurs.; Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced 7-8 pm; $40/8 classes


This class teaches the use of traditional Okinawan martial arts weapons including the staff, the tunfa, nunte, eku, nunchaku and others. Qualifying students must be at least seven years old and be in the rank of yellow belt or higher. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!
7+; Mon. and Fri.; 6:30-7:30 pm; $40/month; $35/person if multiple family members are registered

Uechi Ryu Karate Do

Uechi Ryu (pronounced: “Way Chee Roo”) is an Okinawan style of karate. The basic principle of Uechi Ryu is the use of soft and quick circular blocks that simply redirect an opponent’s attack followed by an equally quick and powerful response. Strong emphasis is placed on body conditioning and Sanchin training.
6-18 yrs; Mon. and Fri.; 5:30-6:30 pm; 14+; Mon. and Fri.; 7:30-8:30 pm 
$40/month; $35/person if multiple family members are registered 

Legacy- Cheer, Tumbling, & Dance

Inspiring and empowering girls to reach their greatest potential through sisterhood, physical growth, creativity, and much more! This program offers a safe place to grow mentally and physically; while gathering confidence of self-worth, self-discipline, leadership skills, and respect for themselves.
6-17 yrs; Tues. and Wed.; 6-8 pm, Sun. 3-5 pm; $30/month

Girl Scouts 

Come and build a bond with other young girls and learn about team work and togetherness. Are you interested in joining the girl scouts but don’t know where to start? Join one of our troops that meet here and build character and skills while having fun! We have troops meeting here on Mon. 5+; Mon. 6-8 pm, Free


Cliffdale, E.E. Miller and Lake Rim Eggs-Travaganza

Come on out for an egg-tastic time with your friends at Cliffdale, E.E. Miller and Lake Rim Recreation Centers! There will be games, food vendors, a bounce house, crafts, music and more! Don’t forget to bring your basket for the egg hunt. This event will be hosted at Cliffdale Recreation Center (6404 Cliffdale Road) and is absolutely free!
12-under yrs; Sat., April 11; 10 am-2 pm; Free
Egg hunt times are as follows:
4-under yrs: 11 am
5-8 yrs: 11:45 am
9-12 yrs: 12:30 pm 

Cliffdale, E.E. Miller and Lake Rim Back to School Bash

Bring your family and friends and let’s get ready to kick off the new school year with a block party! Come and spend the afternoon enjoying local entertainment, food, bounce houses, and more! Don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs for this outdoor event at E.E. Miller Recreation Center (1347 Rim Road).
All ages; Sat., Aug. 1; 11 am-3 pm; Free

Donuts with Dad 

Bring the family together to Celebrate Dads and enjoy donuts, milk and juice. We will also have a gift for you to give to dad. Please pre-register by June 13.
All ages; Sat., June 20; 10 am; $3/person

Easter Crafting with Kids 

Are you looking into getting crafty this holiday season? Art with kids is back for the second time to help kids embrace their inner creativity. Bring your kids by to enjoy a fun afternoon of crafting.
All ages; Sat., April 4; noon-5 pm; Free

Senior Pot Luck and UNO 

Calling all seniors 55 and older come out and enjoy the day that is set aside for you. Aug. 21 is National Senior Citizen’s Day. Lake Rim will be glad for you to come out and enjoy food cooked by you and cooked by others and some Uno a card game enjoyed by all. Pre-register by Aug 18.
55+; Aug 21; 11 am-1 pm; Free