Comments and Kudos!

Betty Bessant (Westover Aquatic Center)

I want to take a moment to write to you about lovely Miss Betty who runs the snack bar at Westover Pool. For the last 3 or more years, she has been the most consistently kind and patient person I've ever met. You can imagine the tolerance needed every day as dozens of little kids decide which popsicle, ice cream, chips or candy they want. Miss Betty meets each one with her beautiful smile, sweet words and happy spirit. She's a precious role model for me. I'm a grandma and frequently take my grandchildren to Westover pool, and they have taken lessons there for several summers. I hope we can see Miss Betty again before the pool closes for the season on Labor Day. Thank you for everything Miss Betty!
Received from Dawn via e-mail, Aug. 23, 2019

Michael Gibson/FCPR (Reid Ross)

Attended game Friday evening. WOW, the facility is looking great! Thanks for all the Parks and Rec "team" provided to make the evening enjoyable for a very large crowd of football fans.
Received from Larry via e-mail, Sept. 25, 2019

Smith Recreation Center/FCPR

I wanted to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of you for the amazing Build Day we had last week at Seabrook Park! Seeing the community come together to make your dreams for this play space a reality was truly inspiring, and I sincerely thank every single one of you for your contributions to this project!
Received from Amalia via e-mail, Oct. 14, 2019 

Russell James (Clark Park)

I just wanted to let you know how much the kids appreciated Park Ranger James and all the critters he shared with us. He did an amazing job of teaching us and our Tigers just loved him! He was such a positive influence on them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
Received from Stella via e-mail, Oct. 22., 2019