NC Veterans Park Interactive Map

Interactive Map

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  • A
    • Prominently displayed in the Visitors Center is the North Carolina state seal made from mosaic granite; one of the many features in the park built from North Carolina granite.
  • B
    • Community Lawn
  • C
    • The NC Living Wall is made from native stone and landscaped with indigenous plantings. It also has one of the Park's seven water features. The flowing water and metal pickets represent the geography and elevation of North Carolina from the mountains to the coast.
  • D
    • A 150-seat amphitheatre provides a beautiful outdoor venue. The Veterans Park is designed to serve a variety of purposes - as a regional and national attraction, a city park and a distinctive setting for military ceremonies and other special events.
  • E
    • The Oath of Service Wall is a gently curving wall, integrating soils from each of the 100 counties and will display 100 bronze casted hands from North Carolina veterans held firm at shoulder height symbolically taking the oath of service before their community.
  • F
    • Community Plaza symbolizes Life Before Service. It contains the Oath of Service Wall and the Community Columns.
      Community Columns is an area that contains 50 columns with the names of each of the state's 100 counties adorned with castings of hands from veterans, their families, and residents of every North Carolina County to represent the many hands that support veterans as they leave their communities to enter service. The County Columns are in order based on dates of incorporation into the state.
  • G
    • A pathway connects the Veterans Park with the Airborne & Special Operations Museum
  • H
    • Along this pathway is a statue of General Hugh Shelton (RET.), commissioned and donated by H. Ross Perot. One of the leading military figures of our time, Gen. Shelton is a North Carolina native and served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997-2001.
  • I
    • The "Iron Mike" commemorative monument, depicting a World War II-era Airborne trooper, was moved from outside Fort Bragg to the plaza of the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in 2010.
  • J
    • The base of each Public Art Sculpture is engraved with one of seven touchstone words - Strength, Honor, Commitment, Dedication, Heroism, Courage, Sacrifice - representing the guiding principle for that work of art.
  • K
    • On the east edge of the Service Plaza are five Service Arches, one for each branch of the armed forces. Other elements in the park are also depicted in "fives" as a symbol of the Park's recognition of service men and women from all five military branches.
  • L
    • The Service Plaza symbolizes Life During Service. It contains the Patriot Wall, a Reflection Wall, the Pride and Purpose Tower, and the Service Arches.
  • M
    • Patriot Wall - stand tall, firm and proud, while they provide a visual and auditory symbol of the action, excitement, and turmoil of military service. The wall's bluestone panels shimmer under a sheet of water, expressing action, movement, excitement, and chaos associated with lives in service and in contrast to the character of the other plazas.
  • N
    • The Pride and Purpose Tower symbolizes the service members readiness to defend at all times. It is a steel and granite tower rising from a pool of water with special effects lighting that will highlight its presence after dark and a light cannon will pierce the sky to mark special occasions or to welcome home the troops.
  • O
    • The Reflection Garden symbolizes the transition from service back to civilian life. It contains the Veterans Color Garden and the Camaraderie Plaza.

      Veterans Color Garden where annuals and North Carolina native plants as well as "veterans" plants that played a role in military service will adorn this small garden serving to celebrate the lives of all who served, are serving, and will serve.

      Camaraderie Plaza serves as a gathering space to welcome home and to celebrate our veterans wherever they may be in their respective journeys of service.