Parks Capital Program FAQs

What is the Parks Capital Program?

View the most frequently asked questions, and their answers, to learn more!

What Will It Cost?

A homeowner with a home valued at the City average of $125,800 will pay just $1.42 monthly or $17 annually, for a total of just more than $339 over the entire bond period. And that is only if the City uses all of the $35 million for the bond – if we use less than that amount it will cost less per citizen. 

Other cost examples are listed below:

Tax Rate

Property Value

Monthly Contribution

Annual Contribution

Life-of-Debt Contribution

Monthly Equivalent:






Can of Soup






Snack Bag of Chips






Liter Bottle of Soda






3 Cookies






Large Cup of Coffee

So what’s next?

The voting for this bond referendum took place on March 15.  The City of Fayetteville has a vision for our future . . . a vision of a community on the move. The approval of the citywide bond proposal will enable us to build outstanding new facilities to provide City residents throughout the area with affordable, close-to-home options for recreation, sports, and entertainment. These wonderful facilities will make it more attractive and more convenient for people to enjoy an active lifestyle doing things they love.

How did we choose the proposed projects to be built?

Projects covered by the bond were strategically selected based on a sound evaluation of what would best serve our community’s recreational needs – and generate new revenue for our county. The Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks & Recreation Master Plan, first developed in 2006 and overseen by the City Council and County Commissioners, served as the basis for the bond package. In creating this Master Plan, we looked at the rapid growth of Cumberland County, conducted a detailed study of local demographic data and existing recreational resources, and gathered extensive public input.

What types of projects are currently included?

  • Senior Centers (2)
  • Tennis Center
  • Sports Field Complex
  • Skateboard Parks
  • Cape Fear River Park - Downtown Riverfront
  • Existing Park Improvements (7)
  • Splash Pads (7)