Mazarick Park

1400 Belvedere Avenue, (910) 433-1575
Park Hours: 7 am-10 pm | Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 am-5 pm


Mazarick Park is a multi-purpose park featuring a Disc Golf Course, picnic shelters, a playground and trails. A tennis court and a baseball field are available for a quick game. Picnic areas are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis unless they are reserved. For more information on shelter rentals, call 433-1547. Glenville Lake will be closed to recreational activities while repairs are being made.
All programs will meet at the Mazarick Building unless otherwise noted. You must pre-register for all programs. Register early; space is limited in most classes. If enrollment is low the class will be cancelled. Please contact the park office if you would like to receive a copy of our monthly newsletter with updated program information or follow us on Facebook at


Educational Group Field Trips and Outreach Programs

Contact Clark Park Nature Center or Lake Rim Park

Scout Outdoor Activities Badge Programs

Contact Clark Park Nature Center or Lake Rim Park


Homeschool Discovery Series

These programs are designed with homeschoolers in mind to help supplement their curriculum. Call to register, space is limited.
March 9: Solids, Liquids, and Gases; Learn the characteristics of each phase through experiments and hands-on activities.
April 13: Life Cycles of Animals; Explore the life cycles of different animals that come out in the spring.
May 18: How Soil Affects Plant Growth; Discover the different types of soil in the park and compare the plants found in each type.
All ages; Thurs.; 10-11:30 am; Free

Homeschool Archery Class

Meet other homeschool students while learning the basics of archery and practicing with compound bows. Call to register, space is limited.
8+; Thurs., June 8; 10 am-noon; $5

World of Worms

They’re wiggly, squirmy, and often slimy. Worms make up a good portion of the animal kingdom. Beyond common earthworms, there are worms that live inside of other animals, worms in the ocean, worms so tiny that you can only see them through a microscope, and worms that are many feet long. Learn about the many types of worms and observe some live ones. Call to register. 
All ages; Tues., March 14; 4-5 pm; Free

Alphabet Hike

For a fun way to explore the park, go on an Alphabet Hike with your little ones. Children will enjoy the fun of a scavenger hunt as they search for the letters of the alphabet on this guided hike. Each letter is a clue to something that is found in the park. Groups can set-up an appointment for a private hike. Call to register, space is limited.
3-5 yrs w/adult; Wed., April 5; 2-3 pm; Free

All About Reptiles

Discussion and activities that teach about the different types of reptiles that live in our area will be accompanied by displays and living animals. Call to register, space is limited.
All ages; Tues., May 16; 5-6 pm; Free


North Carolina is home to a variety of animals. Join a park ranger to discuss some of the fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals found in North Carolina. An array of pelts, mounted animals, and skulls will be on hand to help identify different species of animals found in our area. Call to register.
All ages; Thurs., June 1; 4-5 pm; Free

Interpretive Hike

Learn about the history, plants, and animals of Mazarick Park and the community on this guided hike. The pace will be leisurely with plenty of opportunities for questions. Call to register.  
All ages; Fri., July 21; 10-11 am; Free

Insects, Arachnids, and Annelids, Oh My

Discover the different creatures that live on the forest floor. Turning over dead logs and looking under leaf litter will reveal a world unknown to many. Learn by exploring a unique habitat and finding unusual inhabitants that play an important role in the ecosystem. Call to register.
All ages; Fri., July 28; 2-3 pm; Free