Stoney Point Recreation Center

7411 Stoney Point Road, 433-1435
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 1-9 pm, Sat. 9 am-5 pm, Sun. 2-5 pm



Youth Open Gym Basketball (Fall Hours)

Practice your basketball skills and meet new friends, all while improving your physical fitness! All participants must have a current waiver on file. Hours may vary depending on center activities.
5-12 yrs; Sat.; 10 am-noon; Free
13-17 yrs; Sat.; 1-4 pm; Free

Walking Track

Take a stroll or get your evening run in on our paved walking track, located next to the recreation center. For those of you who are keeping count, five laps around the track equal one mile.
All ages; Mon.-Sun.; 2:30 pm-dusk; Free

Team Tutor

Are you a current high school student in need of volunteer experience? Sign up now to partner with a child in need of tutoring. Spaces are limited; inquire about qualifications with a recreation center staff person.
14-18 yrs; Tues. and Thurs.; 4-5 pm; Free

Youth Karate (Tang Soo Do)

Beginner and intermediate classes incorporating fitness, self-discipline and fun are held in a non-violent atmosphere.
5-17 yrs; Mon. and Wed.; Beginner 6-7 pm; Intermediate
7-8 pm; $40/month

Yvette’s Dance Academy

Yvette’s Dance Academy is a structured dance studio program based out of the recreation centers. The mission of YDA is to offer high quality dance instruction at an affordable price. YDA offers recreation and competitive level dance classes and dance teams. All dancers have the option to participate in two dance recitals a year and tryout for either a recreational dance team or competitive dance
team (1 year dance experience required). Placement classes are required in order to take Intermediate and Advanced Classes. Ballet/Tap/Tumbling: Beginning level dance class that introduces young dancers to ballet, tap, and basic tumbling skills. Students will learn basic ballet terminology and tap steps. Beginning Hip Hop/Jazz: Beginning level dance class that teaches hip hop technique
and choreography. Dancers will develop rhythm, coordination, and self-expression.
3-6 yrs; Thurs.; Ballet/Tap/Tumbling; 5:30-6:30 pm; $30/month
7+; Thurs.; Ballet/Tap/Tumbling; 6:30-7:30 pm; $30/month
7+; Thurs.; Hip Hop/Jazz; 7:30-8:30 pm; $30/month

Little Hitters T-Ball Program

Let’s play ball! Bring your toddler out for our Little Hitters T-ball program! Games will be played on Sat.
Registration runs Jan. 1-March 1. Birth Certificate required for registration.
3-4 yrs; $20

Kidz Cooking Corner

Are your children interested in helping in the kitchen? If so, then they should check out our cooking night for children. They will learn how to cook different types of food. We are only taking 12 participants each night so be sure to reserve your spot! Registration deadline is 7 days prior to class.
8-12 yrs; Fri.; Oct. 7, Jan. 27; 6-8 pm; $10

Beginner Woodworking Project

Does your child have an interest in tools and wood projects? Join us for an evening building a wooden project that you can take home. Parents are welcome to stay and help out. There are only 10 spots available and you must register in advance. Registration deadline is 7 days prior to class.
6-10 yrs; Fri.; Sept. 23, Feb. 24; 6-8 pm; $10

Senior Elite Program

Got free time? Interested in volunteering with our youth? We welcome seniors who can spare some of their time for our classes and special events such as Kidz Cooking Corner, Baking Buddy, tutoring, etc. Please contact center for more details.
55+; Free

Coaches Needed

Basketball Coaches are needed for the 2016-2017 Winter Season. For more information or to volunteer, stop by the recreation center anytime.

Glee: Creative Arts Academy

Singing is the most perfect form of expression and FCPR now offers community members the opportunity to join our Glee Club! If you are interested in singing, dancing and performing to your favorite songs, the FCPR Glee club is for you! Oct. 1. Call 433-1021 for location and information.
All ages; 2nd and 4th Sat. of each month; 2:30-4:30 pm; $25

Larrieux (La-Roo) Arts Enrichment Program: Chorus/Stage

Hey you! Yeah you! Like to act, sing, or dance? Learn to incorporate all three facets of the performing arts while building skills, confidence and making new friends. Explore different theatre and song genres, along with different dance techniques. Work with an exclusive curriculum and experience the difference Larrieux (La-Roo) makes. Register at Stoney Point. Session will start Sept. 8 and will
be ongoing.
6-15 yrs; Thurs.; 6-7 pm; $25/month

N2iT Youth Cheerleading

Come be part of our exciting, one of a kind cheerleading experience where we combine Cheer and Pom Dance into one curriculum. Our techniques include motion drills, jump stations, proper stunting – basic to advanced. Students will learn cheers and chants and a dance routine.
Tues.; 4-6 yrs; 6:15-7 pm; 7-9 yrs; 7-7:45 pm; 10+;
7:45-8:30 pm; $30/month

N2iT Youth Martial Arts

Try our unique Martial Arts program with concentration in: better school grades, respect, discipline, self-control, self-esteem, confidence, responsibility, stranger danger, bullying, and safety awareness.
Sat.; 4-6 yrs; 9-9:45 am; 7-9 yrs; 9:45-10:45 am; 10+;
10:45-11:45 am; $30/month

Parents Night Out

Parents, do you need a little time for yourselves? Drop off the kids and enjoy a date night while the kids enjoy an evening of games, dinner, and a movie!
5-14 yrs; Fri.; Nov. 4, Jan. 13; 6-9 pm; $5


Christmas Cookies, Cards & Cheer

Holiday cheer is in the air! Participants will enjoy a fun-filled evening creating Christmas Cards, holiday
cookies, treats and much more. Don’t miss out! Only twenty spaces are available, so make sure to register in advance. Registration deadline is Dec. 2.
8+; Fri., Dec. 9; 6-8 pm; $10

Valentines Dance

Join us for our annual Valentines Dance. Tickets are only sold in advance and will be available Jan. 28-Feb. 11. Maximum of 300 participants permitted.
Grades 3-5; Fri., Feb. 10; 6:30-8:30 pm; $5